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Investment in culture pays off in economic terms and social impact on the territory, the induced multiply, new activities are opened and new jobs are born. Culture makes businesses and the territory grow.

Brand Culturale organizes events of various kinds: art exhibitions, concerts, congresses, meetings, literary reading, experiences and itineraries in the most beautiful places of the Italian “Terra di Mezzo”, among landscapes, architecture, works of art unique in the world and extraordinary eno-gastronomic emotions.

We boast a significant practice in the management of the historical and artistic heritage, in the mediation aimed at the search for works of art for exhibition use, in the design and realization of enhancement events.

"Italy is par excellence, the country of beauty, arts, culture. So in the rest of the world they look, well founded, towards us. Culture is not the superfluous: it is a constitutive element of Italian identity. Let us ensure that this heritage of ingenuity and achievements - to be preserved and supported - becomes even more a resource capable of generating knowledge, moral growth and a factor of economic development."

Tramandiamo Meraviglie Uniche